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Springfield Roofing Co. is your #1 provider when it comes to every single one of your roofing needs that you want done— in a flash! We’re the top roofing company Springfield, and we’ve got everything you need (as long as it’s roof-related!) No matter how and what you need done, we can assure you that Springfield Roofing Co. is the best decision you could ever make for your roof! 

We’ve taken on all types of roofing situations and fixed it, courtesy of our roofing contractor’s  professional skills honed by training and experience. For us— no job is too big and no roofer is too small. So don’t worry about us possibly putting out amateur work. Residential roofing, commercial roofing, installation, repairs— we’ve been there, done that.  After our roofing services, we’re sure that you too will be one of our many satisfied clients! 

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But first and foremost— we strive for customer satisfaction. So if there might be something that leaves a lot to be desired, don’t hesitate to tell us. We take your opinions into consideration— and besides, we’re perfectionists too! Our quality of work will only be good enough when it lives up to our clientele’s standard. Roof repair, roof installations— we’ve got your back, whatever it could be.


We all know how important a good roof over our heads is. Very. And that’s why when dealing with them, you should never, ever settle for less. Roofs protect you, your family, and your people from harsh sunlight, heavy rain, unforgiving winds, snow and hail. And you can’t afford a half-baked job if it means compromising the structure of your roof. 


This doesn’t apply to protecting your infrastructure against the phenomenons only. Roofing also plays a big part in insulating your edifice, and that’s extremely convenient if you’re living in an area with extreme weather conditions— or if you’re finding your electricity bills way too high. And with that in consideration, a good roof saves money. It keeps the A/C circulating well if it’s hot, or makes heating even more convenient when it’s cold. It’s a win-win situation.


And we deal with the worst of them all… leaks. Leaks can be small but very, very terrible. And it’s the most common problem every household has in their roofing. While it may be a usual occurrence, it doesn’t mean it’s any less of a problem. Leaving it unattended could lead to serious damages, like water stains wreaking havoc on your walls and softening your foundation as well. Our roofing experts at Springfield Roofing Co. deal with them, and prevent them from happening further. Or they could install one that’s good enough to be leak-free.


When we talk about roofs— quality is everything. The same goes for the people working on them, and we cannot stress this enough. Not to mention, roofing is a pretty big investment— and you need a roofing company that returns the favor. 


Fortunately for you, Springfield Roofing Co. gives you all… and a little more, guaranteed.

Roofing Service Offered:

Roof Repair

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Roof Installation

Emergency Service

We offer roof repair, roof installation, and roof replacement— with the assurance of a perfect output each and every time. Springfield Roofing Co. doesn’t just get the job done. We exceed all that’s expected of us, to assure the best quality we could offer our customers. And at a very competitive price. 


We’ll give you a rundown of the services we offer and where you fit in to each one of them


Repair: Homeowners are no stranger to getting a few roof mishaps here and there. It might be deteriorating because of old age, or maybe because of a phenomenon that made your roof cave in one way or another. It’s also possible that your previous roofing company built a bad installation, and they’re leaving you to handle the mess. No worries, dear reader. The top roofing company Springfield (us!) knows our way around these damages, and is professionally trained to handle them. And you won’t need to hire another if the problem comes back again like your previous experiences (because it won’t.) If there are very obvious signs that your roof needs repairing, tell us the problem and we’ll be efficient in fixing it. Fast. (We also offer emergency roof repair services.) And if you’re not sure if you need it, ring us and we’ll give it a look.


Installation: Our team of professional roofing contractors have been in the industry a long time already, and they know exactly what to fo when handed with a roof installation project. To add the cherry on top, our expert roofers execute installation properly, so that there will be zero chances of your roof having problems way too early on (as that is the case for most roof situations.) Our company utilizes the best quality materials in the market, no matter what type of roof you want. In addition, we practice and incorporate roofing technological advancements that would boost and better the installation process. Efficient, and careful— we evaluate the type of roofing you need for your home, and work to make it possible. And we never forget to include the owners in the process— whether the decisions are big or small. Materials used, the exact process, time frame— everything. The first thing we want to achieve is your satisfaction, and we can only achieve that is to cater to your roof’s individual needs.


Replacement: When your roof needs replacing, it might be for a number of things. Old age, irreversible damage, personal preference or impossible repair. And that leads to one thing and one thing only… roof replacement. When planning a replacement, you should always take care in choosing the right company. Like us! We don’t skimp on resources, and we most certainly don’t take shortcuts in the process. If we’ll do it, then we’ll do it right— especially if we’re charging good money to do it. Other companies might just replace your shingles, and not the whole roof itself. Make sure to talk it out with us, so we know what you’re expecting— and how we can deliver.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Springfield Roofing Company

  1. We’re the #1 roofing company in Missouri. We’re sure the title already speaks volumes, but we’re more than happy to show you why. Give us a ring, and we’ll prove it when the deed is done!
  2. We strive for customer satisfaction. As long as your requests are reasonable and doable— we’ll do it! We are always, always in close cooperation with you (and that is not up for debate!) Our clients are with us every step of the way, and we’re completely transparent with what we’re about to do. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, and in turn we’re open to anything that could better our work for you. 
  3. Springfield Roofing Co. is a locally owned and locally directed roofing company. We’ve settled down our roots, all in hopes to serve people better, and familiarize ourselves with the specific roofing needs of the Missouri area.
  4. Our roofers and roofing contractors are certified, professionally trained, licensed— and most importantly, insured. They are as skillful, and very safe in our hands. We take great precautions in ensuring both you and our worker’s well-being. 
  5. We provide free quotes, and we don’t stray very far from what we’re originally charging (unless there are unforeseen mishaps that you will be notified of when we see it in person,) but other than that, we’re completely transparent with what we’re spending your money on.
  6. For roof installation, we only use the top quality materials in the market. Nuff said. 
  7. Our services are competitively priced. No sudden changes in the bill later on.
  8. When you need it, we provide emergency roof repair 24/7. 
  9. Springfield Roofing Co. is nothing if not reliable, and we won’t leave you out to dry at a moment’s notice.
  10. We pride ourselves in quality roofing work.